had better
hail / hale
half / half of / in half
hanged / hung
happen / occur / take place /
happen to
hard / hardly
healthful /
healthy / fit
hear / learn
help / assist / aid
historic / historical
home page /
Web page
homework / housework / classwork
housekeeper / homemaker
human / humane / humanitarian
  hanged / hung
A. hanged hang 의 과거와 과거분사 형태로 교수형에 처하다 (타동사), 교수형에 처해지다 (자동사)의 뜻으로 사용할 때만 쓰인다.
1. The murderer was hanged.
2. The authorities hanged a murderer.
3. During the Civil War, Milligan hanged for treason.
4. The outlaw was hanged.
5. The dictator's forces hanged many political prisoners.
B. hung hang의 또 다른 과거와 과거분사 형태로 매달다, 걸다, 매달리다, 걸리다 의 의미로 사용된다.
1. She hung the washing on the line.
2. He hung up his jacket.
3. Amanda, hang up your clothes before you go to bed.
4. You can hang up your coats in here.
5. There were icicles hanging from the roof.
6. Hang your coat on the hook.
7. His hair hung down in front of his eyes.
8. A single bulb hung from the ceiling.
9. A portrait of his mother hung on the wall over the fireplace.
10. I am hanging new curtains on the windows.
11. Smoke hangs in the air in most barrooms.
12. The shutters are hung on hinges.
13. The room was hung with oil paintings.
The murderer
was hanged.
He hung up
his jacket.
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