each / every
each other /
one another
eager / anxious / keen
earthly / earthy
economic / economical
effective / efficient
egoism / egotism
either...or /
elegy / eulogy
elicit / illicit
emigrate / immigrate / migrate
eminent / imminent
en route
enviable / envious
equable / equitable
ethical / moral
excuse me /
pardon me /
I'm sorry / apologize
extinguish /
put out / go out
  effective / efficient
A. effective 효력이 있는, 효력이 발생되는 의 의미로 사용된다.
1. The medication is quite effective; it relieves pain quickly.
2. The law becomes effective at midnight.
3. The law was effective on January 1.
4. The law passed by Congress became effective as soon as the President signed it.
B. efficient는 효율적인, 능률적인 의 의미로 사용된다.
1. She performs her job well and quickly; she is very efficient.
2. An efficient worker makes good use of his or her skills.
3. She's an efficient manager.
4. She was an efficient secretary.
The law
was effective
on January 1.
She was an efficient secretary.
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