each / every
each other /
one another
eager / anxious / keen
earthly / earthy
economic / economical
effective / efficient
egoism / egotism
either...or /
elegy / eulogy
elicit / illicit
emigrate / immigrate / migrate
eminent / imminent
en route
enviable / envious
equable / equitable
ethical / moral
excuse me /
pardon me /
I'm sorry / apologize
extinguish /
put out / go out
  earthly / earthy
A. earthly heavenly divine의 대조적인 의미 즉 현세의 또는 이 세상의 라는 의미로 잘 사용된다.
1. Most people worry about earthly concerns such as earning a living.
2. We were warned about being too occupied by earthly pleasures.
3. She left all her earthly goods to her niece.
B. earthy 흙의, 흙 같은 의미와 spiritual의 대조적인 의미 세속적인, 실제적인 의 의미로 쓰이려는 경향이 있다.
1. Potatoes have an earthy smell.
2. The color of the field was a rich, earthy brown.
3. The comedian uses earthy jokes in his act.
She left all her earthly goods
to her niece.
Potatoes have
an earthy smell.
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