each / every
each other /
one another
eager / anxious / keen
earthly / earthy
economic / economical
effective / efficient
egoism / egotism
either...or /
elegy / eulogy
elicit / illicit
emigrate / immigrate / migrate
eminent / imminent
en route
enviable / envious
equable / equitable
ethical / moral
excuse me /
pardon me /
I'm sorry / apologize
extinguish /
put out / go out
  each other / one another
A. 일부 문법학자들과 영어관용어 전문가들은 each other 두 개의 사물이나 사람에게 사용되어야 만 한다고 주장하지만  실제 생활에서는 one another와 서로 혼용된다. 하지만 영어를 배우는 학생들은  이 규칙을 따르는 것이 좋으며 이 때의 의미는 서로 라는 의미이다.
1. John and Bill looked at each other and laughed.
2. The two friends smiled at each other.
3. Those two love each other.
4. The sisters hugged each other.
5. She and I have known each other since second grade.
6. You and I should help each other.
7. The boxers pounded each other furiously for two rounds.
B. one another 세 개 이상의 사물이나 사람에게 적용되며 서로 라는 의미로 사용된다.
1. They love one another.
2. They spoke to one another yesterday.
3. Employees in such a large company regard one another impersonally.
4. She told her children to be kind to one another.
5. All three hated one another.
Those two love
each other
They spoke to one another yesterday.
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